Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 750ml
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Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin


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Category Gin
Origin Spain
Brand Gin Mare
Alcohol/vol 42.7%
Proof 85.40
Every bottle of Gin Mare is unique. The acidity levels of our star ingredient, the arbequina olive, change every year. This means each and every distillation is a unique culinary work of art. Gin Mare opens the door to a new variety of gins, with a novel pan-Mediterranean concept that unites the different cultures around this sea representing their botanical stars such as: Arbequina olives, thyme, basil and rosemary. Gin Mare is characterised in large part, its spiciness, its aromatic herbs and citrus notes. Although it is commonly associated with clove, aromatic compounds such as eugenol are also present in other ingredients such as basil or orange peel.

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