Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 12 year old 750ml
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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 12 year old



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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Kentucky
Brand Elijah Craig
To sip our Barrel Proof Bourbon is to experience Bourbon in its purest form-uncut, straight from the barrel, and without chill filtering. Each bottle is hand labeled with its unique proof and batch number but the nose, taste, and finish of every sip is pure Elijah Craig. Each batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is an uncut Small Batch of 12-year-old Bourbon bottled straight from the barrel. The variance in proof from batch to batch presents a unique opportunity to explore the impact of the angel's share and the resulting proof in a small batch of barrels. The first letter of the batch number indicates which of that year's releases the bottle was a part of, starting with "A," while the second digit is a number that determines the month of the year the bottle was released. The third and fourth digits indicate the year. Color: Deep Amber. Nose: Caramel with toasted oak, fruit notes of apple and orange. Taste: Rich vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch along with spices of black pepper & cinnamon at the back of the palate. Finish: Nicely layered showcasing all flavors, fades slowly then lingers as it cools. Proof: Varies with each batch; past batches have ranged from 128.0 to 140.2 proof. Pour yourself a glass and take your first sip of Barrel Proof. Then add a few drops of water to open up the flavor to your liking. You won't be disappointed.

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